5 Reasons You Should Hire an Interior Designer

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Redesigning your home is always exciting. But it’s a big job, and it’s not one that everyone should take on for themselves. Find out why you should hire an interior designer instead of attempting it yourself:

1. You Should Be Able to Leave Stress at the Door

Your home should be your haven. It’s the one place you should be able to go to escape the stress of the world. And that means your home needs to be as stress-free as possible.

An interior designer knows how to make your home into a haven. They know about feng shui, which has been shown to reduce stress. They also know how to organize your home in such a way that your life will be easier. Because designing is their livelihood, they know exactly where things belong. You probably want the best for your home, and an interior designer knows best.

2. You Might Save Money

Some people hesitate to hire an interior designer because of the cost. However, they may end up saving you money. For one, doing things yourself could result in a costly mistake. For example, let’s say you paint your walls a new shade of brown. The color comes out much darker than you anticipate, but the painters have already painted the whole wall. You could end up spending a lot of money fixing that mistake when an experienced designer wouldn’t have made that mistake in the first place. Or, maybe you need to hire someone to install a light fixture. The person you hire does it incorrectly, and you need to hire an electrician to rewire everything. A designer already knows who they should call to get the job done the first time correctly.

A designer can also save you money by having good contacts. While you would have to pay full price for the chandelier you want, a designer may have access to the chandelier at a major discount. When you’re redesigning a whole room or a whole house, you can see huge savings.

Then, there’s the long-term money saving effect. An interior designer can boost the asking price of your home. Not only can they make the house nice enough to be noticed by buyers, but they can also make it look like it’s worth more than other similar houses in the price range. The first thing people see is usually a real estate listing photo. If that photo is an expertly-designed room, they may be more willing to see the home and more willing to pay good money for it.

3. Planning Is Easier

There’s a lot to organize when you redesign your home. The planning for it can be overwhelming; it’s a full-time job of is own. You have to plan the space, shop around for furniture, and hire people to do any work you need to be done. It all takes time and resources.

Why add stress to your day when you can hire an interior designer to do the task? It puts the pressure off of you and gives you a chance to focus on everything else going on in your life. And since they know what to plan for, a designer won’t leave out any critical parts of the project. You can have a complete plan and budget, and you won’t stray from it.

If you’re working with an architect, planning is even more challenging for a novice. A designer knows how to work with the architect to prepare for things like lighting and furnishings.

4. You’ll Have Full Functionality

Chances are, you want your home to be welcoming to guests. With the help of a designer, you can have a beautiful home that’s also comfortable and convenient for you and any guests you might have.

Even if you have a great eye for design, you may not be able to make your space as functional as a designer. The spacing and layout are key, and it’s something a designer knows a lot about. Is the coffee table to small for guests to enjoy the space? Is everything in the space symmetrical? Will guests be able to sit comfortably? These are all things that the interior designer might consider.

5. New Ideas

You probably have some great ideas about your home, but an interior designer can provide some unique ideas. Interior design is an art form, and designers can come up with ways to transform a space that you might not even imagine. Those ideas can give your home the wow factor that you want. Instead of saying, “What a lovely home.” Your uniquely styled home might spark a conversation and leave a lasting memory in the minds of your guests.

Hiring an Interior Designer Pays Off

An interior designer can make all the difference in the world. Let your home be all that it can be and hire someone who can help it reach its full potential.

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