The Most Convenient Luxury Technologies for Your Homes in Florida

With all of the advancements in technology recently, it seems as though you see a new gadget almost every single day. It is only natural that the conveniences available to us in today’s world would lead to better and better luxury technologies for your home.

Luxury Technologies for Your Homes in Florida

A Programmable Shower

Enjoy a full-color digital touch screen on this tablet-like shower technology. Enjoy the ability to control water temperatures from up to four outlets. Also, you can adjust the lighting, and experience music with the audio device. This posh addition to your shower starts at $7,000. Check out more details about this and more luxury technologies for your homes in Florida at

Magic Mirror on the Wall

These interactive mirrors utilize smart glass technology. It can function as a standard mirror, or you can opt to display information directly on the surface. LCD, sensors, and cameras make this all possible. Check out the Smart Mirror 2.0 designed by Robert Grynkofki.



The Family Hub Refrigerator

“Home has a new hub” is the tagline for this revolutionary luxury technology for your home in Florida. Wifi? Yes. Touchscreen? Of course. Connecting with family, managing grocery lists, and syncing up calendars are just a few of the conveniences offered by this top of the line kitchen appliance. Best part? It takes a photo using the built-in camera each time you close the door!

Transparent Television

homes in south floridaOne common complaint of homeowners in Florida who appreciate luxury technologies is that a television can be an eyesore. Problem solved with this transparent TV. It’s true, these really exist. It appears to be a thick piece of glass when the TV is powered off. When powered on, you indulge in all of the perks of a top-of-the-line television.

Luxury Technologies for Your Home in Florida

It appears as though the future is here with all of these luxury technologies for your home in Florida. It has become a new and exciting way to customize your house to cater to all of your personal needs. With all of these posh products available to us today, just imagine what technology we will be enjoying at home in 20 years. To start your search for your luxury home in Florida, contact Agency Luxe at (561) 220-0041.

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