5 Extraordinary Perks of Owning Manalapan Real Estate

Manalapan Real Estate

There are a lot of reasons that people have been flocking to Florida for generations now. Once they arrive, many choose to live in or around Palm Beach County. Of all the people who love to live in Florida, only elite few can have what Manalapan Real Estate has to offer.

This is one of the most exclusive parts of the country and available to only a select few families and homeowners.  There is also an extremely limited supply of it. As a result, competition is fierce. Only those with a commitment to the best call it home.

If your goal it to move to a part of Palm Beach County that is genuinely like no other, this might be the ideal place set your sights. Before you plan a visit, learn about five exciting perks of owning Manalapan real estate.

Having a Place of Your Own

As of 2013, the population of Manalapan was only 429 people. That total is fewer than the number of people who live on a single block in many major cities. The low population gives Manalapan a feeling of being separate and exclusive. This is what many of the residents are looking for. It also helps to bind the community together. People who own Manalapan real estate are part of an elite club that less than 500 people participate in. It leads to a feeling of shared fortune and common destiny.

Enjoying Stunning Scenery

It is not an exaggeration to say that Manalapan offers stunning scenery no matter which direction you are looking in. The town sits on just 0.4 square miles of land, almost every piece of Manalapan has a view of the ocean to the east. Looking to the west provides views of an inland waterway as well as a peek at Palm Beach skyline. Plus, the town itself has many distinctive sights and stunning architecture. If you want to be greeted by gorgeous views in every direction, living in Manalapan is truly a delight for the eyes.

Taking Advantage of the Ocean

There is no one who moves to Manalapan who does not love something about the ocean. Some people love the dynamic views, fresh breezes, and tropical fragrances. Others like relaxing on the beach, watching their kids play in the sand, or going for a dip in the ocean. Many like to get out on the water for fishing, cruising, exploring, and countless other ocean activities. The vast majority of people take advantage of them on a weekly if not daily basis. The beach and ocean are right outside your door.

Enjoying La Coquille Club

When the Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach asked for approval to build a hotel in Manalapan, the town council approved the deal on the condition that La Coquille Club be incorporated into the town. This club is a modern version of one of the most historic landmarks in Manalapan’s history. And not only is it a stunning building, it is also one of the unique perks of owning Manalapan real estate. Town residents are granted either free or fee-based access to the club, slashing the cost of access significantly. They can take advantage of world-class spa, fitness, dining, and entertaining facilities at their leisure, simply because they live in Manalapan.

Living in Gorgeous Homes

As you might expect from a town with so much to offer, Manalapan real estate is absolutely stunning. There is no such thing as an average home in a municipality like this. The first things you will notice are the gorgeous designs and sumptuous landscaping, giving these homes the kind of curb appeal that you can see from a mile away.

Inside, they combine spacious floor plans with modern amenities, architectural flourishes, and unique details. That makes them ideal for families, retirees, or anyone who loves to entertain. What is perhaps best about Manalapan real estate is that each home is distinct. Your home is not just another one on the block. It is a showpiece that helps each resident of Manalapan to feel like they contribute something distinct to the community.

If you are interested in exploring Manalapan real estate seriously, you will need to work with an agent who knows how to get a deal closed. With so few homes available and so many perks to enjoy, the competition for any piece of Manalapan real estate that comes on the market is intense. Get all the resources you want as well as the advantage you need by partnering with The Agency Luxe. To speak to our Manalapan specialist, call (561) 220-0041.

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