Utilizing Art and Artificial Intelligence in Luxury Homes

The definition of luxury homes has less to do with price, square footage, or ostentatious amenities and more to do with how well a home reflects your personality and supports your life. Just think of all the properties billed as luxury homes that seem totally anonymous and hard to inhabit. Learn how to use two essential and interesting components – art and artificial intelligence – to help luxury homes live up to their potential

Art for Luxury Homes

There are hundreds of different ways that you can incorporate art into the design of luxury homes. Since art is a visual medium by definition, the pieces you choose to display become the focal points of your décor. And since most art is one-of-a-kind, you give your home a distinctive character by displaying it. Rather than looking for pieces that seem “appropriate” for luxury homes, look for pieces that grab your attention and resonate with you. If you love a piece of work, you will naturally find ways to integrate it into your decorating scheme.

Artificial Intelligence

A lot of the basic tasks you spend time on trying to maintain the comfort and convenience of your home can be handled by artificial intelligence. This cutting-edge technology has been integrated into a number of exciting applications for luxury homes. They do not create the feeling of a “robot house,” but they do handle a lot of annoying but important tasks for you. Here are some examples you can use in any luxury homes:

  • Have your thermostat adjust the temperature when you are out of the house
  • Turn the sprinklers on automatically according to your schedule
  • Open your garage door automatically when your vehicle approaches
  • Raise or lower light levels depending on the position of the sun
  • Alert you when home issues require your attention

There are luxury homes that do not take advantage of art and artificial intelligence. But fine luxury homes embrace them enthusiastically. When you are searching for a property that stands above the rest in every category that matters, get in touch with The Agency Luxe by calling 561-923-9696.

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