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Vanilla Ice

One of the hottest home improvement stars to appear in recent years is also one of the least expected – Vanilla Ice. His name is synonymous with some of the cheesiest rap to come out of the 90s. But even though his musical career is remembered with a smirk, his hits continue to be known and loved even today.

Realizing that a decades-long career in the music industry was not realistic, Vanilla Ice began buying and flipping homes in the late 90s. Like most people who dive head first into the home market, he faced some serious ups and downs during the early years. But he learned from those mistakes and setbacks to become an accomplished home renovator and marketer.

That experience earned Vanilla Ice his own show on the DIY Network. The show is called Vanilla Ice Project and features the iconic personality and a colorful crew transforming homes. It stands out from a lot of the other home DIY shows that are all over the airwaves right now. And it is a showcase for why Vanilla Ice remains a famous figure in pop culture even today.

What is the Vanilla Ice Project?

The Vanilla Ice Project breaks the mold in a lot of ways. What really makes the show worth checking out is the length of each renovation project. Other shows renovate an entire home over the course of an hour. You see highlights but none of the important details. The Vanilla Ice Project spends an entire season on one house. Each episode is dedicated to a different project – kitchen, man cave, landscaping etc. That way, viewers really learn what a major renovation involves.

The other thing that sets the Vanilla Ice Project apart is the location. All of the homes are located in and around Palm Beach. This is one of the most prestigious real estate markets in the country. It also features some of the grandest homes found anywhere. That means the renovations must be gorgeous and impressive. Viewers watch Vanilla Ice and his crew carry out the kind of over-the-top projects you don’t see on other shows.

Lessons from the Vanilla Ice Project

The Vanilla Ice project is a lot of fun to watch, mostly because of the host’s boundless personality. But as you see a dilapidated home transform into a showstopping property, you learn a lot too. Anyone who is interested in buying, selling, or maintaining a prestige property in Palm Beach should take a lesson. Here are some of the takeaways from the Vanilla Ice Project:


  • Landscaping is Everything – Since the weather is practically perfect in Palm Beach year round, landscaping is extra important. The growing season never ends. And many Palm Beach properties have large lawns and focal landscaping features. Vanilla Ice demonstrates that one of the fastest ways to revitalize a home is to spruce up the landscaping. It provides instant and enduring curb appeal.

  • The Garage is Versatile – A garage does not have to be a space exclusively for cars, lawn mowers, and discarded toys. Several seasons of the Vanilla Ice Project feature ambitious garage renovation projects. A garage transforms into a car lover’s dream, a versatile storage area, or an extension of the living space. It is a prime source of square footage that not enough homeowners take advantage of.


  • Be Great for Gathering – No matter what kind of home you own, you want it to be a warm and welcoming space. Hosting friends, family, neighbors, colleagues or whoever is easy with the right space. Vanilla Ice likes to emphasize open-concept floor plans that incorporate cooking, dining, and living space together. That way, people congregate together instead of drifting apart. Having a space that is great for gathering is an essential feature in today’s home.

  • Go Big and Bold – The thing that is really unique about the Vanilla Ice Project is the crazy projects the team carries out. They make a run down home look great. Then they enhance it further with outrageous amenities like custom pools, gigantic home theaters, and themed rooms. You may not want a pirate’s cove in your home, but unique features are important. They turn your home into an expression of your personality. Plus, they set a home apart when it goes on the market. Do not be afraid to buck trends and chart your own course. It is your home after all.

Life in Palm Beach

The Vanilla Ice Project is a lot of fun to watch. But you soon realize the renovating a Palm Beach home is a huge undertaking. Most people prefer a move-in-ready home, or one that needs minor renovations. The Agency Luxe has deep connections in the Palm Beach real estate market. When you are ready to find the right house in less time, we deliver. Call us at (561) 220-0041 at your convenience.

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