Edward Cruz,

(561) 923 9696

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21301 Powerline Rd. Suite 100
Boca Raton FL, 33433

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Edward has been a driving force in the growth and development of The Agency Luxury Realty. Edward’s interaction and involvement in helping to coordinate athlete and other client needs helps them to feel comfortable in working with The Agency. His contacts, marketing ability and relationship building with numerous professional athletes and well-respected business people over the past 10 years have been key.? His comprehensive management structure takes into account in every aspect of the “pro” lifestyle. Mr. Cruz has a background in finance, international business and real estate. His passion for sports has led him to be one of the key players in the sports industry today.

However, Mr. Cruz wasn’t always in the Real Estate business. When he was younger Edward worked in the casino industry and rose quickly through the ranks. By the time Edward was 26 years old he was helping to run the Divi casino in the Virgin Islands. Edward was in Player Marketing and served as the President of Dealer Personnel. His aptitude in these positions led to a corporate job in Miami working for the Austria casino as the Player Development Director, Transportation Director, and Marketing Director. All 3 departments were given to him to operate! This time proved to be crucial for Edward’s success at The Agency as it gave him the skills to manage several disparate tasks and execute them all with the highest quality standards. Edward’s 10 years in the casino corporate business help him to become who he is today.