palm beach county architecture

The History of Palm Beach County Architecture

When it comes to Palm Beach County architecture, the styles and designs vary greatly. Many of the most prominent buildings in Palm Beach County date back to what many call the Boom years, which lasted throughout the 1920s in the…

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spring home buying

Spring Home Buying: Beating the Craze

During some seasons of the year, people are more likely to buy homes than other seasons. Spring home buying is one example of seasonal buying. In the spring, people tend to be more interested in moving and buying a home….

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Can Landscaping Help Increase Property Value?

When you sell your home, you deserve the best possible offer. However, getting the most out of your home isn’t easy. Unless you have experience in the real estate industry, you might not know how to maximize your profit. One…

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Homeowners Associations in FL

Homeowners Associations in FL: Rules and Rights

You’ll find a lot of Homeowners Associations throughout FL. Many people prefer the benefits they afford their residents. You may wonder what a homeowners association is and what their goals are. You may also want to know what voting powers…

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Winter Homes

Winter Homes for Snowbirds

There are many great things about living somewhere in a cooler climate. During the summer, you have it all – sunshine, warm weather, and the great outdoors. But then, the winter comes. For many, the winter can be a dreaded…

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dr oz palm beach home

Dr. Oz’s Palm Beach Home Upgrade

Dr. Oz has a landmark home in Palm Beach County. However, he is not satisfied with his home just yet. Recently, he went to the Landmarks Preservation Commission with plans to renovate his Palm Beach home. After receiving approval for…

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