CaliGroves Stables: Your Horse Boarding Solution For WEF

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The Winter Equestrian Festival(WEF) is almost upon us! This is the time of year when equestrian enthusiasts descend on Palm Beach County in droves. If you are interested in equestrian then you surely know about WEF. Today we are going to spotlight a local equestrian enthusiast and the owner of CaliGroves stables, a stable nearby the WEF grounds that has 16 stalls available for rent.

Renting at CaliGroves Stables

If you intend to bring your horse to the Winter Equestrian Festival, then you should consider renting at CaliGroves Stables. The facility is owned by Melissa Johnson. As a horse enthusiast herself, Melissa spent her life around horses. In fact, she rode horses as soon as she could walk. There has always been a magnetic attraction between her and horses.

In pursuit of her number one passion, Melissa created CaliGroves Stables. She wanted to give horse riders an opportunity to learn and ride in a beautiful facility. Although the facility is clean and professional, it is also a warm and friendly place.

A Prime Location

If you love horses, then you don’t want to spend hours in the car to see your horse. Fortunately, CaliGroves makes it so that there is no long commute. The facility is only four miles away from the Wellington Showgrounds. Only a short drive from some of the most stunning Palm Beach County beaches. You get the best of both worlds.

CaliGroves is slightly inland from West Palm. Getting there is a short car ride away from the interstate. Whether you’re coming from West Palm or somewhere further south, it’s not a bad commute. It’s only five minutes from the turnpike and 20 minutes from I-95.

Of course, Palm Beach County alone is an ideal location. If you’re looking for an equestrian lifestyle, then it doesn’t get much better than Palm Beach County.

About CaliGroves

If you own a horse or just love horses, then you want to go to a facility that offers the best care. At CaliGroves, the horses get just that. Because the owner lives on the farm, there is someone always around. She treats the horses with the respect and love that they deserve. For their security and safekeeping, she also has security cameras. If something happens, the owner knows about it. You can rest easy knowing that the horses have someone watching over them.

If a horse requires veterinary care, then that is also not an issue. One of the leading veterinarians, Dr. Reed is only two lots away. When an emergency occurs, help is only a short distance away.

There’s also the matter of training. The owner, Melissa, works with several trainers who have extensive experience. They know how to train junior riders and focus on forging a strong relationship between the horse and the rider. If training is your goal, then CaliGroves might be the place for you. The trainers can help you and your horse build confidence. While this is not easy to do, the trainers have the experience to do it quickly and well.

The Facility

There are three barns on the facility’s property. Each barn is far enough away from the other to give the trainer and horse privacy. The first barn has five stalls that each measures 10×10. Inside it, you can find rubber mats and two wash bays. In the center barn, there are ten stalls that measure 12×12. The final barn has three stalls and a single wash bay. Every stall is well-kept and high in quality.

For those who take horse riding seriously, CaliGroves also has a lot to offer. There is enough grass turn-out for jumper or dressage training. When there are local, regional, and national shows, the stables usually attend. If you need transportation to an event, the stables can help you.

The arena is 200×110 and receives daily attention. Every year, someone levels the footing and fills it with foundation and footing. It is in excellent condition. For the serious riders, there are horse jumps, dressage letters, and barrels.


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