Dr. Oz’s Palm Beach Home Upgrade

dr oz palm beach home

Dr. Oz has a landmark home in Palm Beach County. However, he is not satisfied with his home just yet. Recently, he went to the Landmarks Preservation Commission with plans to renovate his Palm Beach home. After receiving approval for the renovations, everyone is wondering what the celebrity has in store for it.

The Renovation Plans

Dr. Oz is the proud owner of Louwana. Built in 1919, the home was one of the first in the area to achieve landmark status. The Palm Beach home is in the North End at 473 N. County Road. When Dr. Oz bought the beachfront home two years ago, it cost $18 million.

Although Dr. Oz loves the home, he wanted to make it more appropriate for a modern family. With the help of project architect Tom Kirchhoff, Dr. Oz came up with plans for the renovation. Before going through with the renovations, Dr. Oz needed board approval. He went to the Landmarks Preservation Commission for approval and had success. After showing them the plans, the Commission only had good things to say. One Commissioner stated that Dr. Oz and the architect did well to preserve the spirit of the landmark home. Instead of taking away from the homes historic value and charm, the renovations add to it.

The Board Chairman feared that the renovations plan would be more extreme. With many quirks in the home, the Chairman feared that Dr. Oz and his wife would want some extreme changes. He was pleased that the changes make the home more livable. However, he was also happy that the home retains its charm and quirkiness.

About the home

Dr. Oz’s home is on a lot of 1.2 acres. With 12,483 square feet of inside space, the home is quite spacious. It has 12 rooms. In addition to having a spacious home, Dr. Oz also has a great parcel of land. There are 150 feet of oceanfront land.

One of the home’s claims to fame is Addison Mizner, the architect who built it. Although Mizner built several homes, this one is one of the few that remain standing in the area. Other notable architects also contributed to the home. In the year 1971, the owner had John Volk add a staff room and remodel the kitchen. Decades ago in 1931, Maurice Fatio designed the loggia, bathhouse, and pool.

Since 1980, it has had landmark status. For 35 years, there have been no changes to the home. However, that is about to change.

The Changes

To make the home more suitable for his needs, Dr. Oz plans to demolish a garage. In its place, there will be a guest house with a new garage. There will also be kitchen renovations. During construction, the kitchen will become more expansive and open. Workers will replace a small interior stairway with a larger one. Additionally, they will add in a laundry room.

By taking away two bedrooms, the architect will have room to build a gym and game room. He will also install a new electrical service and replace windows in the home. After construction, the home should have storm retention and drainage that complies with current code.

Although the Commission is quite strict about alterations to landmark homes, the proposed changes are acceptable. Demolishing the garage won’t destroy the integrity of the home. As a result, the Commission didn’t include it in their report. Some of the other changes do require Town Council approval. However, the Commission recommended that the town approves those changes. They include north yard setback encroachments and a reduction in green space. With a 1,300 square foot reduction, the percentage of green space on the lot would drop from 42% to 40%.

Adding Value to the Palm Beach Home

It is likely that Dr. Oz wants to make changes to the Palm Beach home for his family’s comfort. However, those changes could also add value to the home. There are a few changes that he and other individuals could make to a home to add value. Here are a few ideas:

1. Better outdoor living space

In Dr. Oz’s home, the outdoor living space is exceptional. However, there are always ways to make it better. And for most homeowners, the outdoor living space is lacking. It’s a simple renovation to add some outdoor space to your home. If you install a deck or patio, then you increase your home’s value.

2. More bedrooms

Dr. Oz has plenty of bedrooms in his home. However, most homes don’t. You can add value to your home by converting an attic or basement into an extra bedroom. While doing so does not cost too much money, it can have a great return on investment.

3. Minor kitchen renovations

By planning a minor kitchen renovation, Dr. Oz will add value to his home. Often, small kitchen renovations have big impacts. Whether you have a small home or a mansion, you will attract more buyers with a great kitchen.

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