Picking From Palm Beach County Golf Courses

palm beach county golf courses

Palm Beach County Golf Courses

Palm Beach County golf courses are known for being some of the best. They are so common that it might be hard to navigate them. There is no way for you to know whether it is what you are looking for from just a name. While there are plenty to choose from, the majority are private. Golf courses are not only a great way to relax, but good for closing deals. It is out of the office and casual, but nigh end enough that it isn’t like negotiating at a bar. With a beautiful backdrop, Palm Beach County golf courses can feel like the most luxurious in the country. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like golf, but more like a day at the beach.


It can be pretty hard to compare the holes at this golf course. While all are fun and have character, it would be a detriment to omit the beautiful scenery that gets better and better as you go along. With six par 3s, six par 4s, and six par 5s this course is bound to make everyone happy; regardless of handicap. If you need a break or finish hungry, there are plenty of snacks and drinks in the clubhouse on the green. Load up the cart before you hit the links or play through and relax afterwards.

Spending all day on the course has never felt so luxurious. Between the beauty of the courses and the fun of the game, it may be hard for you to leave!

Bear’s Club

Anyone who wants to visit Palm Beach County golf courses will be familiar with Jack Nicklaus. Even those who don’t know the game know the name. And what better way to spend a day golfing than at his club? Jack Nicklaus has lived nearby for as far back as most of us remember. Naturally, he would design a few courses in the area. Some of the best players in the world play at Bear’s Club. And a bad club wouldn’t draw that kind of crowd. With Nicklaus’ nickname as its moniker, you have to have high expectations. And they will be met and even exceeded. This highly rated course not only offers beauty but real estate. Guaranteed to put a huge smile on any golf lover’s face, this club is an experience that is beyond words. After all, how many fans can be neighbors with their favorite golfers or play along side them?

North Palm Beach Country Club

The Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus, also designed the golf course at North Palm Beach Country Club. Though it is was designed in 2006 to 2007, it still holds great esteem amongst Floridians and those in the golf community.

While we’re talking about The Golden Bear, Jack took a pen to the design of the North Palm Beach Country Club golf course in 2006 to 2007. The design is meticulous and complicated but in an enjoyable way. It is one that is challenging, but you won’t realize it while you’re playing. While he could have charged an arm and a leg for the revamp, Jack Niklaus only charged $1. But, don’t think that compromises the integrity of the course. It is still challenging and still worth the round. It’s a course you’ll wish you had played if you miss it and one you’ll rave about it if you do. Don’t miss this opportunity to play a pro course on your vacation and be the envy of all your golf buddies!

Beach Par 3

One of the best par 3 courses in the country, you will need to get there early to get a chance to play. It may be the fact that you get intercoastal and oceanic views or the clubhouse restaurant, but my money is one the quality of the course. Jack Niklaus didn’t have a hand in its layout but has played it frequently. And he’s not a fan of easy or amateur courses. It is said that he has played the nine-hole track on many occasions, as many former presidents and other golf legends have. If you don’t think you’re qualified to tee off on these courses, they also offer clinics and classes. You’ll be golfing like a pro, in no time. And on the same course, they golf on!

Sometimes it helps to start in the higher end of the pool. If you are looking for a good warm up game, try this course (http://frenchmanscreekrealty.com). You’ll be in the same pool, just a shallow end. While you are here, you can look at the properties that are available and check out the scenery. This is a great place to start for anyone who loves golf and wants to check out Palm Beach County golf courses. The course is complicated enough to keep your attention, but not so hard that you will worry if you can handle it. With these courses, you can have the best golf vacation imaginable. Between the hotels in the area and the restaurants around the courses, there shouldn’t be anything left to want. Here is more information on these golf courses. There is also information about traveling accommodations and restaurants that are recommended, in case you are just visiting or have visitors coming. They will be nothing less than impressed!

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