The Porsche Design Tower – Sunny Isles Florida

Porsche Design Tower

When it comes to super luxurious living arrangements, it does not get much better than the Porsche Design Tower in scenic Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. Nestled amongst some of Greater Miami’s so-called “super-luxe” condos, the aptly named Porsche Design Tower is in a league of its own. Today, we are going to look at this architectural marvel and some of its key design elements.

Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles, Florida

Designed by developer mogul, Gil Deezer, and his family firm, the Porsche Design Tower is a monument to wealth. Few buildings in America can claim to be in the same league as this innovative high-rise. Towering over the denizens of Miami Garden, it has earned its spot as the new hub for the rich and fabulous.

The towering condominium opened its doors in March, allowing the press and a lucky few in for a peek at its offerings. One of the prime features of Porsche Design Tower is dubbed the “Dezervators.” Using a blend of high-tech and hydraulic power, the Dezervators are elevators on steroids. Their purpose: deliver residents – and their cars – straight into their living room.

You heard it right: an elevator for your car.

Each resident of the lux-condo also gets their own private garage attached to their living quarters. Boasting some 132 condo units, getting access to this prestigious tower is no small feet; you will have to pay a minimum of $5 million for the privilege. The max price? $32 million dollars.

But what would $32 million get you in the tower? Good question. According to the condo developers, the heftiest price tag fetches you a four-story penthouse and a ‘parking space’ for 11 cars. Of these 11 vehicles, seven get their own car gallery, worthy of an auto museum.

Features of Porsche Design Tower

Two models of the Porsche Design Tower include the Penthouse and the Duplex. In addition to the “sky garage” mentioned above, the Penthouse also features:

  • Four bedroom suites (convertible to six bedrooms)
  • Two Dens or Flex rooms
  • A whopping six and a half bathrooms
  • Two private swimming pools
  • Access to rooftop and terrace
  • Two balconies
  • Two kitchens
  • Four car garage located within the residence

All told, the Penthouse offers 16.915 square feet of living space overlooking the city of Miami.

The Duplex, meanwhile, features:

  • Four bedrooms, with an option for a fifth
  • 2 Dens or Flex rooms
  • Five and a half bathrooms
  • Four car garage within the residence
  • Private swimming pool
  • Ocean view

While somewhat smaller than the Penthouse offering, the Duplex still has plenty of room to breathe, coming in at 9,474 square feet.

Porsche Design Center Amenities

The Porsche Design Center is all about extravagance. As you can imagine, this is not just evident in their design and features, but in their offered amenities as well.

For those lucky enough to reside in the Tower, plenty of toys and activities await. From two oversize plunge spas and an oceanfront pool (offering food and beverages) to the sunset terrace. Looking for entertainment over relaxation? They have that too (of course). Play a simple game of cards in their billiards area, or check out the big screen tv in the lounge and bar. Looking for more tech? How about a Virtual Golf Simulator or their 4-car virtual race simulator?

The tower also boasts its own stadium seating movie theater, ballroom, wine locker, observatory, and a fitness center. Looking to get pampered? They also have a full-service spa area, where you can enjoy a massage or facial (and something called a Vichy shower). After that, you can stroll over to the salon for a haircut and mani-pedi.

Porsche Design Center Elevators

We would be remiss if we did not circle back around to one of the most amazing and ambitious features of the Porsche Design Center: the elevators. Each resident gets access to an elevator that delivers their car (with them inside) to their residence. Therefore, that means if you live in the tower, you do not have to deal with a valet or parking; you simply drive your car into its elevator and get delivered to your area. Pretty space age, right?

Also, the elevator can be programmed to deliver the car to you; simply program it for the time you want it to arrive. Also, why would you have your own car elevator if there are not additional vehicle services available? The tower provides a whole slew of automotive assistance, including detailing, maintenance, and even exotic car rentals.

Super Luxury Condo in Miami Gardens

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