Preparing Your Home to Sell: Tips and Tricks

preparing your home to sell

If you’re planning to put your house on the market, you might be in a rush to do so. But before you rush to get your home on the market, there are a few things you should do. Preparing your home to sell can make all the difference. These tips can help you sell your home quicker and for more money.

1. Repaint

A fresh paint job can change up the look of your home. And it can make it much more appealing to buyers. While you might love bright and bold colors, a potential buyer might not. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to colors. You should stick to neutral colors, like beige or white. When someone sees a bold color, all they can think about is that color. When someone sees a neutral color, they can imagine things on the wall and living in the home. It makes it much easier for them to buy a home when they can imagine living there.

2. Get Impersonal

You need to make a potential buyer feel like she belongs in your home. And when you have pictures of yourself and your kids all over the walls, that sense of belonging is hard to find. Make things easier on yourself and get a little impersonal. Take down all the photos from your walls and hide your son’s artwork. The same is true of any bold art pieces. Art is subject to interpretation. If you have a piece that your prospects hate, they may dislike your home. It’s okay to let your walls get a little sparse.
In addition to helping your home sell quicker, the “impersonalization” also gives you a head start on packing. It’s a win-win situation.

3. Replace the Light Fixtures

Many homes look outdated because of their light fixtures. Builders don’t often put much money into light fixtures, and owners often keep them the same. If you want your home to stand out, you can install new light fixtures. Don’t look for anything too hi-tech or too bold. Stick to simple, modern fixtures that will brighten your room. It can make your home seem much newer than it is, which can help you get more money for it.

4. Do Some Light Landscaping

Believe it or not, your yard can be a big selling point. Whether or not you’ve worked in your yard before, you should get some gloves and get to work. Start by planting some flowers in the front yard. You don’t even need to get dirty; you can always buy some potted plants and use those. With a few flowers and bushes in the front and back yard, you can make your home more appealing.

In the yard, you may want to consider setting up a small patio. Many people look for areas to entertain guests. A small home can provide extra entertainment space with a backyard patio. Consider adding a deck to your home. Or, for a minor fix, place some outdoor furniture on the grass.

5. Make Sure Your First Impression is Perfect

When someone drives up to your home, they form an immediate impression. You want that impression to be as good as possible. When they think back to your home, they’ll remember what they saw first.

Step outside and look at your home from a different perspective. Is the front door freshly painted? If not, give it a new coat of paint. Are the front windows dirty or dusty? If so, give them a quick cleaning. Consider your outdoor light fixture. Light fixtures tend to fade quickly in the elements. You can spruce up your entryway by installing a new light fixture. Instead of noticing how shoddy it is, buyers will love what they see.

An often overlooked first impression is the driveway. However, it’s the first thing many visitors will notice about your home. If you’re preparing your home to sell, you should repave your driveway. At the very least, patch up any of the cracks. Whether you do it yourself or get a professional, it can make a big difference.

6. Give Your Rooms Purpose

It may be hard for a prospective buyer to imagine how to use a room. This is especially true of unusual rooms that seem to have no use. Give your prospects an idea of how they might use the room by showing its purpose. Go through every room in your home and give it a purpose.

7. Choose the Right Realtor Before Preparing Your Home to Sell

If you haven’t already, be sure to choose a realtor. It’s a tougher decision than you might think and takes some time and research. It’s also one of the most important things to do while preparing your home to sell. The right realtor can help you sell your home quickly and successfully. And they can get you the most money for your home, with the least trouble.

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