The Top Five Most Expensive Palm Beach County Homes

Everyone sees the most glamorous houses in the world. Whether we wish to or not, between magazines and the internet, these houses catch the naked eye. Standing tall in the most luxurious places, these houses house the rich and the famous. Armed with luxurious lifestyles, people flock to these homes to showcase their tremendous wealth and status. While many of the homes can be found in California, New York, or other popular tourist locations, Palm Beach County homes bring as many rich and famous people to the area. The homes wow the naked eye, and catch the attention of people looking to settle into luxurious homes.

The rich and the famous do not wish to lead typical lives. They wish to own lavish lands, luxurious homes that people cannot even imagine being able to live in. These homes do not only catch your attention, they hold your attention until you are left thinking about the luxury of it all. Due to their high spending, high luxury lifestyles, these residents look to find homes that match what they are all about. In the Real Estate market, these homes can be found in alluring areas. Thus, Palm Beach County homes rule the Real Estate market for the rich and the famous.

Top Five Most Expensive Palm Beach County Homes

1. Single Family Ocean-Side View

Priced at just under $70,000,000, a home at 1071 N Ocean Boulevard serves as the most expensive Palm Beach County home. This home can be found smack in the middle of all of the Palm Beach County action, while also existing in enough isolation to not be bothered by outside noise or people. Sitting as one of the largest ocean front estates in the entire Palm Beach County area, the home includes a variety of outstanding features.

The features include grand salon, dual ocean balconies, massage room, bowling alley, home theater, pub room, game room, library, 8 car garage, and more. With all of that, you may even forget the eight plus bedrooms filling the home. Built at approximately 35,000 square feet, the home will wow you and then some. There will be no question why the price looms larger than any of the other Palm Beach County Homes.

2. Venetian Palazzo

Looking for an Italian style home by the water? Look no further than 1485 S OCEAN BOULEVARD. Priced at under $60,000,000, this home includes nine bedrooms and over 15,000 square feet for a single family. However, that does not even begin to show what this home has to offer. Built on billionaire’s row, the home has an Italian, classic feel to it. The interior of the home includes built-in Shelves, Cook Island, elevator, fireplace(s), foyer, French Door, laundry tub, pantry, Roman Tub, Walk-in Closet, and a Wet Bar. The outside consists of a Cabana, Covered Patio, Open Balcony, Open Patio, Shutters, and a Wrap Porch. Quite the bounty for one home. The ocean front view may do it for you, but in case it does not, there is an in-ground pool for your enjoyment as well.

3. State of the Art Classic

The home at 640 S OCEAN BOULEVARD checks in at over $40,000,000 for good reason. The home was originally built in 1923, but was finally finished off in 2013. Thus, it includes the classic styles of an old home, yet also combines the modern amenities that the rich and famous enjoy so much. Armed with nine bedrooms and restored with state of the art technology, this home serves as one of the most alluring of all of the Palm Beach County Homes.

Featuring an in-ground pool, 1 to two acres of lot, a water front view, and amenities such as a media room and marble floors, you won’t be able to help but marvel at the magnificence of the home.

4. Newly Completed Lake Front Estate

Nothing says luxurious like newly completed, right? This newly completed lake front estate can be found at 1340 S OCEAN BOULEVARD. Featuring 11 bedrooms and three bathrooms, this home features tropical water front views as well. Mark Timothy custom homes and Marc-Michaels Interiors worked to build the luxurious home to the best extent, impressing all who see it. The spacious home’s pool sits in a modern, luxurious spot, changing from your typical rectangular dive-in. Each room wows you more than the next, as the finishing touches present a modern depiction of a luxurious home.

5. Ocean Front Estate You Can Customize

The Ocean Front Estate for just under $40,000,000 at 530 S OCEAN BOULEVARD is still available to be customized. This presents a tremendous opportunity for potential residents. Placed right near the center of town for maximum convenience, there is plenty that can still be done, and plenty that has already been done. The ability to turn an already luxurious home into your own is rare. Yet for this Palm Beach County home, you have that opportunity. Priced fairly and filled with alluring amenities, it’s no wonder it’s a gem.

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