Why You Should Use Agency Luxe to Help You Find a Boca Raton Waterfront Home

Boca Raton Waterfront Home

Looking for a new home can be one of the most exciting and stressful times in someone’s life. The cause of both the excitement and stress comes from the same reason, how big of a purchase you are making. Buying a house is an extreme thrill because nothing you buy will ever be more expensive than your home. The stress also comes because nothing you buy will ever be more expensive than your home. Buying a home is not like going to the mall and purchasing a new shirt. If you decide you do not like a shirt after buying it, you simply go back and return it. Buying a home does not work the same way. Once you purchase a home, it is yours, and you can not return it. You can try and sell the house again, but that can be a huge hassle. Having the right real estate agent and agency in your corner can make the process of buying a home much easier for any buyer. Real estate in Boca is at a premium. The right realtor can help you find your dream Boca Raton waterfront home.

Showings and Open Houses

Having a local realtor can be an immense help if you are selling your home. By hiring a local real estate agent, they can attend all the showings and open houses of your home. This is great because at these events the realtor can play up the house, the neighborhood, or even the school district, all things people take into consideration when buying a home. If you hire a realtor, who is not local this step can become tricky. If your broker can not make it to these events, then people will be in your house unsupervised, and no one will be able to talk about the plusses that come with the house. In some nicer homes, especially Boca Raton Waterfront homes I would not want anyone in my house unsupervised.


Local real estate agents have connections unique to the area. These relationships are crucial if you hire a real estate agent when looking to buy a home. With these links, local real estate agents might know of a listing before it is on the MLS. No, the MLS is not Major League Soccer. In the real estate world, MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. This is a national archive of listings across the nation that realtors post. If a Realtor can find out about a listing before everyone else, this can be a huge advantage for the buyer. If you know about a house before it is listed, then there will not be any competing bids on the house in turn not driving the price up. This can substantially decrease the amount you pay for a house as opposed to if a bidding war takes place.

Your local real estate agent can help with inspections.

As said earlier buying a home is a huge purchase for anyone no matter the actual price of the house. The size of the purchase creates a lot of due diligence that must be done. Every aspect of the home must be checked and approved by various experts to make sure the house is in good standing. First, a general contractor will come in and look for things such as possible water damage, leaks in the roof, or anything that does not meet current building code among a number of other things. Let’s say after the general inspection you need to have a more specialized inspection for something like mold. Then you have to find a good mold remediator. Needing to find various people to come in and inspect your home can quickly become a headache. If you choose to hire a local realtor, these steps become very easy. Local brokers have a laundry list of experts at their disposal that they trust very much.

The Lay Of The Land

Local realtors know the area better than anyone else. A national real estate agency might know some stuff about the local community but not the way a local broker does. A local broker will know things like what streets get congested at what time, if you are in a good school district, and if there are good restaurants around. These small little tidbits of knowledge can make all the difference. One area local brokers know very well are homes on or near the water. Especially, Boca Raton waterfront homes are at a premium. It is easy to know what streets are good to be on and what neighborhoods you want to be around, but it is very telling when a local realtor knows what parts of the waterfront to be on. Do you want to be right on the intercoastal, or off of a canal, or even right on the ocean? These are questions that local brokers will help you find the answers to when you are searching for your Boca Raton waterfront home.

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